S. C. Green
A full-time worker, full-time father and full-time husband with dreams of becoming a full-time author without coming off as being full of it. Currently he is in the midst of revising his first novel in hopes of shopping for an agent this fall.  Week-to-week he’ll be sharing his experiences here for all to gape at. For all other random ramblings and musing, you can find him sullying the web at The Shadowed Quill.

Amy McLane
As Amy Beth Forbes, her work has appeared in divers locations, such as Flytrap, Kiss Machine, Realms of Fantasy, and LCRW. Her short story A is For Apple was reprinted in The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, a collection available at your finer booktuaries nationwide. She is currently slaving away at a multi-book epic fantasy, and often forgets to post at personal blog Smoldering Ink. Elusive and quixotic, she likes pie, but wouldn’t say no to cake.

Amy K. Nichols

Amy’s stories have been published by Plain Spoke and See Spot Run, and have been performed by The Liars League. Her children’s story ”Harvey and the Horrible Sneeze” was published in the 13th Annual Bedtime Storybook. She earned an honorable mention in the WOW! Women on Writing Summer 2009 Flash Fiction Contest, and won third place in the 27th Annual 3-Day Novel Contest. Her first novel, ANOTHER HERE, ANOTHER NOW, will be published by Knopf BFYR in fall of 2014.

Amy is represented by Quinlan Lee of Adams Literary. To read samples of her work, please visit