Alright, I Confess

By S. C. Green

S. C. Green

Oh, how I was dreading this day. The day I’m to tell everyone all the wonderful things I’ve written and edited. All of the time spent holed up in my writing haven creating interesting worlds. The mad schemes my characters are playing out. So on and so forth.


This last month has been hard. I knew this, so I’m not in the least surprised. However, knowing the cost and actually paying it… well, sometimes I feel like I miscalculated my funds. A new baby in the house is a lot to deal with. The “Me” time has all but evaporated. Am I upset about it? A little. Depressed at times even.

Writing keeps me balanced. Well, as balanced as a guy with voices running through his head screaming to be let out can be. Writing is my hike up the mountain. My morning jog. My sleeve over a hot paper cup. It keeps me from getting burned.

I’m burning up now.

I know things will smooth themselves out. I love my little girl, and I’m excited to get see who she going to be, even if all she seems to do is poop when I hold her. She’s mine, and I plan on keeping her.

So that’s that.

Let’s set aside the whiny excuses and get down to business. This last month I had set to revise my novel, Raven’s Mark.  I was at chapter two last I wrote, and alas, I’m still there.  I did take time to reread the story to reacquaint myself with the world.  Man, I forgot so much. At some points I cringed at what I wrote and got embarrassed that I actually made someone read it. At other times, I beamed at my cleverness and wagged in my chair. Did I write that? Why, yes I did. Pat-pat-pat.

I’m surrounded by stacks of papers with comments and notes for almost the entire novel. I have a corkboard set up to lay out the sequence of events, because I noticed some unnecessary overlap in the reread and figured a visual would help straighten it out. And at the suggestion of one of the Amys, I have a space dedicated for finished revisions. That way I can see the progression. The stack currently measures at two millimeters high. I will keep you posted as it grows.

On a plus side, I’ve kept up with my Friday deadline here at the PLC. That in itself is something. It might be a slow trickle of words a week, but the flood will come. That I’m sure of.

I hope my fingers don’t get all wussy during the writing down time. If so, they might actually bleed once I get back in the swing. A splash of color might be nice, but the keys would get all sticky. No one likes stick keys.