Intent is not enough

My husband is sick and my toddler is teething. However, in the last weeks I have laid down almost all the bones of my third viewpoint character’s storyline. I just need to pop in a vertebrae here and there and then flesh everything out. The creative impulse is very strong right now, but due to outside circumstance, I have not had the ability to imerse myself in it. A stolen 20 minutes here and there is all I have been able to manage, and all my writing sessions have been ending mid-sentence. And I’m angry about it, a frustrated anger that cannot in fairness be directed at anyone. It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s a fear-created anger too, as I know from past experience that if I refuse the muse enough times, she stops knocking at my door. You know, I wish I had a good way to process these negative emotions. How do you all deal when life just won’t stop eating all your time?