500 Club (5/27)

By S. C. Green


Drum roll please! (This is where you rapidly rap the table with sticks, pens, or fingers and build to a crescendo at the end of this paragraph.) You’ve waited for it all week, but wait no more. Once again it’s Thursday, bring you a fresh new round of everyone’s favorite writing game…

500 Club!

(Okay, you can stop drumming now.)

I’m going to throw two writing prompts at you. Pick one of them and write 500 words based on it. In the comments below, post the first two or three lines and then a link to the full text, preferably on your personal blog. Now it’s time to roll up those sleeves and see what you can come up with.

(Seriously, knock off the drumming.)

  1. The Metamorphosis – You’ve woken up this morning and you’ve physically changed. Describe it and how this changes your day.
  2. Run! – You’re running. Are you running to something or away? Why are you running?

*Feel free to substitute “you” for any character. This is your piece. Do with it as you please.