Blog Awards, Part II

Blog Awards Week continues here at PLC. Today I’m giving Validation Tickets to 5 SFFH group blogs. As if it just being a group blog weren’t specific enough. Oh no. I’ve gotta get my genre shout-outs in there too. Now not all of the writers in these group blogs are genre writers (though the majority are), and one of the blogs isn’t about writing specifically, although a SF/F writer is a contributor. Rules, made to be bent, right? Right.

And now, the PLC Validation Ticket recipients:

  1. SF Novelists
  2. An entire pantheon of Science Fiction and Fantasy writers join forces here. Paul Cornell, Charles Coleman Finlay, Tobias S. Buckell, Jim C. Hines, Jay Lake, Louise Marley, Sandra McDonald, Chris Moriarty, Mike Brotherton, Tim Pratt, Daniel Abraham, Karin Lowachee, Joseph Nassise, Chris Dolley, Karen Miller, Scott Lynch, Steven Savile, Nalo Hopkinson, Simon Haynes, Kristine Smith, Timothy Sanders, Joshua Palmatier, Jim Hetley, Greg Frost, Chris Roberson, Ilsa J. Bick, Barth Anderson, Cherie Priest, Jeff VanderMeer, Marie Brennan, S.L. Farrell / Stephen Leigh, Naomi Kritzer, Kelly McCullough, Mindy Klasky, Lyda Morehouse, Tate Hallaway, Martha Wells, Marjorie M Liu, Brandon Sanderson, Hal Duncan, Sean Williams, David Forbes, S.C. Butler, Tanya Huff, Fiona Patton, Paul Crilley, Eleanor Arnason, Maria V. Snyder, Chris Barzak, Paul Melko, Leah Cutter, Alma Alexander, Diana Pharaoh Francis, Kate Elliott, Sarah Prineas, Kat Richardson, Jenn Reese, Michelle Sagara, Patricia Bray, John Levitt, Charles Stross, David Louis Edelman, Jenna Black, Paul Crilley, Jackie Kessler, David B. Coe, Elaine Isaak, Garth Nix, Daryl Gregory, Tiffany Trent, James Alan Gardner, Jeri Smith-Ready, Steven Harper Piziks, Sherwood Smith, Ilona Andrews, Stephanie Burgis, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, Glenda Larke, David J. Williams, Laura Anne Gilman, and Marianne de Pierres

  3. Deep Genre
  4. Updates irregularly but only posts the good stuff- hot tips, contests, interesting interviews.
    Constance Ash, Carol Berg, Barbara Denz, David Louis Edelman, Kate Elliot, Katharine Kerr, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Sherwood Smith, and Lois Tilton

  5. Book View Cafe
  6. A co-op bookstore run by writers- pretty genius.
    Alma Alexander, C.L. Anderson, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Chaz Brenchley, Jay Caselberg, Brenda Clough, Kate Daniel, Marissa Day, Lori Devoti, Chris Dolley, Laura Anne Gilman, Christie Golden, Sylvia Kelso, Katharine Kerr, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Sue Lange, Urusla K. Le Guin, Rebecca Lickiss, Seanan McGuire, Vonda N. McIntyre, Nancy Jane Moore, Pati Nagle, Steven Harper Piziks, Steven Popkes, Phyllis Irene Radford, Patricia Rice, Madeleine Robins, Deborah J. Ross, Sarah Smith, Sherwood Smith, Amy Sterling Casil, Jennifer Stevenson, Judith Tarr, Susan Wright, and Sarah Zettel

  7. Mad Genius Club
  8. Relatable and amusing. Dave Freer, Rowena Cory Daniells, Sarah A. Hoyt, Kate Paulk, Chris McMahon, and Amanda S. Green

  9. Geek Feminism Blog
  10. All things geek, through a feminist lens. Valerie Aurora, K. Tempest Bradford, Melissa Draper, Mary Gardiner, Matthew Garrett, Lesley Hall, Sumana Harihareswara, Liz Henry, Leigh Honeywell, Mackenzie Morgan, Terri Oda, Kirrily Robert, yatima, and Matt Zimmerman


For the Validated- If you accept the award(please do), save a copy of the graphic and post it on your blog. Then pass the award along to a few of your favorite group blogs to keep the blog award love flowing. Be sure to leave comments on the blogs you choose, letting them know you gave them an award.