500 Club (7/15)

Hello, and welcome to Thursday. Ready to write? Good.

Let’s get this party started!

Oh, wait. First the rules:

  1. Write 500 words based on one of the two prompts below.
  2. Post it to your blog.
  3. Copy the first couple of lines in the comments below with a link to the full text.


If you don’t have your own blog or website, and you’re just dying to play along, now you can. In the sidebar on the right you’ll find a text box where you can paste your 500 words and submit it straight to us.

And remember, this is for fun and writing inspiration. Don’t worry about perfection. Just get lost in what you’re writing.

Here are the prompts:

1. Write a scene where a character is lost or in trouble and can’t verbally communicate with those around him (either doesn’t speak the same language or is somehow debilitated).


2. Write a scene that begins with the sentence, “When no one was looking, I…”


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