My Crooked Cave

This week on PLC we’re sharing our writing caves. I think the key words in describing my cave are cluttered, messy, and crooked. My desk is not intended to be a place of organization, but a locus of inspiration, a place where I channel creative power into words.
The overview. That enormous teal binder on the floor is a print out of my manuscript.
Right side of desk
Things on the right side of my desk, current reference materials, a box of very fancy pens I have yet to use, because if I use them I will lose them.

Left hand of desk, a jumble of critiques, reference materials, old mail, CDs, battle monocle.

Where the magic happens, aka where my toddler likes to get handsy. Note the anti-system of cluttered post-its.

My inspiration board. Some people use a cork board for story notes, but that doesn’t work for me. Instead I tack up things that stimulate me visually, considering only how the images make me feel. For example, I’ve never played Assassin’s Creed, but the ad for it got my gears going. I don’t give two figs either way about the Olson twins, but I loved these shots of one of them in drag I found in a fashion magazine. Some of the other things on my board I do connect to on a personal level- the postcard advertising The Gunslinger Born, an exceptionally amusing letter letting me know I was going to be in LCRW’s Best of anthology, a sepia-toned flyer for smolderingink. I love my board so much it’s outgrowing it’s boundaries.

My latest art project, a collage inspired by The War of Art. I painted a canvas, took a copy of the first story I ever sold and snipped it up, and then over that I glued the panels from one of my all time favorite comics, Kabuki the Alchemy, a lot of which directly references The War of Art.
detail from collage over desk

And last but not least (especially in his own opinion), my cat, Jean Luc called Buddy, camping out underfoot.