My Space

This week at the PLC, we’re showing off our writing spaces.

When I told my husband that was our topic this week, he responded, “Should I take a pic of you on the couch?” I laughed, but it’s true. I do a lot of my writing late at night, sitting on my couch with my laptop and headphones, with my feet propped on the coffee table.

I could also post a picture of my bedroom floor, where I sometimes spread out all of my notes and sit cross-legged among them to work.

But instead I’ll show you my office. It’s the place I prefer to work, but it doesn’t have a door. And that can be a problem since it’s located across from the playroom.

Just before you walk into the office, you pass the poster from the 1996 RSC season’s Macbeth. It’s creepy — especially at night after I turn off the light and have to walk down the dark hallway — but I like to think of it as a kind of gargoyle who frightens away resistance so I can work in peace.

bubble bubble toil and trouble

On the wall behind my desk are three of my charcoal sketches of The Winged Victory. I keep the charcoals in my desk drawer and work on the sketches sometimes when I’m brainstorming.

Winged Victory

And this is a pic of my actual writing area.

where I write

I’ve surrounded myself with the things that inspire me. Quotes and pictures and books and trinkets and gifts from friends.

books on writing

I also keep some encouraging words I received during a manuscript consult tacked to the wall in front of me as I write. Helps keeps me going on those difficult no-words days.


As I type this post, my dog is laying at my feet under my desk, and the floor is littered with the holes from my hole punch. Last week, one of the kiddos thought it would be fun to make it “snow” in mommy’s office. I still haven’t cleaned them up yet.

I also frequently find my office invaded by army men, legos, dollies, and a wide arrange of stuffed animals. I work around the toys until they start to overwhelm me. Then we have a “pick up mommy’s office” party, which the kids hate but makes my brain feel a lot less cluttered. This morning, my kiddo brought me spiders and frogs.

spiders and legos and frogs, oh my!

And finally, there’s my blue board, where my daughter likes to draw me pictures and encouraging messages like, “Good job Amy xoxo I {heart} you”. Is there anything more awesome than that?


Now it’s time for me to get back to work. I have a lot of information to process after the SCBWI conference this weekend and I’m itching to get back to writing.

I’ll leave the light on so the creepy Macbeth poster doesn’t frighten you as you walk back down the hallway. Thanks for stopping by!