500 Club (8/5)

Hello and Happy Thursday to you. What better way to celebrate than to throw out another couple of 500 Club writing prompts. First the fine print:

  1. Choose one (or both) of the prompts below and write 500 words based on it (them).
  2. Post the end result to your blog. (Don’t fret on revisions. This is for fun and creative sparking.)
  3. Paste the first few lines in the comments along with a link to the full text.

No blog? No worries. Paste your 500 in the text box in the side bar. We’ll take a look at your effort. Now on to the prompts.

  1. The Butterfly Effect
    Connect these two seemingly unrelated situations: Pouring a fifth cup of coffee and a LARP battle gone wrong.
  2. “Who’s on First”
    Write a conversation between two or more people where neither party is talking about the same thing, but both think they are.

Have fun and let’s see what you come up with.