500 Club (10/14)

Hello, beautiful Thursday!

Ready to limber up your writing chops? Awesome! Here’s how the 500 Club works:

  1. Choose one of the two prompts below.
  2. Write 500 words in response to the prompt.
  3. Post your flash fiction  on your blog.
  4. Paste the first line or two in the comments here, along with a link, so we can follow back and read the rest of it.


If you don’t have a blog, use the box over there in the righthand column to paste your 500 words and send them to us.

The 500 Club is about having fun, getting inspired, and putting words on the page. Don’t stress, just write!

Today’s prompts have a theme: Coming and Going.

ONE: Write a story about a runaway.


TWO: Someone’s at the window…

Ready? Set? WRITE!