(Expletive Deleted) Synopsis, How Does It Work?

Confession week, what are you doing here? Seriously, has anyone seen what happened to October? As my tatertot would say, “Where go where go?”

Got my five page synopsis drafted, and it’s about one million times better than the last time I wrote one, thanks to the unwaveringly amazing Anne Mini and her Author! Author! Blog. Seriously, whether you write fiction, nonfiction, or memoirs, Anne has solid, detailed advice on query packages. I ended up opening a good dozen tabs and just plowing through her current epic, Synopsispalooza. It took some time to read every word, but when I was finished (and had cribbed a cheat sheet of notes onto a Word Doc), I felt like finally, for the first time in my life, I understood the purpose of a synopsis… and it’s NOT to summarize the plot points of a book. Okay well yes, that’s one of the things a synopsis does, but that’s not what it’s for.

The purpose of a synopsis is: to tell the story of your story,

to show off your writing chops,

to provide a marketing tool for your prospective agent, and

to make them want to read the book.

A bone-dry “and then this happened and then this happened, and meanwhile this other stuff happened…” is not going to whet any appetites. Now, you could file this revelation under No Duh, Amy (in the third drawer of the cabinet please, the first two are full already), but I didn’t know. I really didn’t because I really didn’t understand the point of writing a synopsis. I thought I did, but no. I did not. Now I do. Huge thanks to Anne. If you are any sort of writer, go bookmark her site.

Heartfelt thanks to Kim Miles for clueing me in to Author! Author! in the first place, back in the comments section of The Query Quagmire.

So, other than drafting my synopsis, I’ve also written another chapter of Book II, drafted out the revised story arcs for my non-protagonist POV characters for Book II, , scribbled out some homework assignments, played the 500 Club a few times, and drew a really pathetic picture-map of Kaldurish, also for Book II. How pathetic? Glad you asked!

Behold the GLORY:

I spiced it up with some action figures, just for you! Totally to scale. Yeah. Very talented. I know. Someone get MOMA on the phone.

We get the keys to our new house on November 5th, and I guarantee to you and to myself that my first run of queries will hit the mail before then. Happy writing, all!