500 Club (2/10)

It’s Thursday! That means it’s time for the 500 Club!

Ready to play?

First, the directi0ns:

  1. Choose one of the two prompts belowl
  2. Write a 500-word story based on the prompt and post it on your blog.
  3. Paste the first line or so of your story in the comments below, and include a link where readers can read the rest of your story.

Don’t have a blog? No problem! Paste your story into our handy-dandy widget over there on the right and send it to us.

And now for the prompts.

Today’s prompts are based on exercises from the book Naming the World and Other Exercises for the Creative Writer.

Prompt #1: Write a story involving an occurrence underground.

Prompt #2: Write a story involving a man in a tuxedo walking barefoot on the side of the road.

Remember this is for fun, so don’t stress over perfection. Just write!