500 Club (3/10)

Welcome to this week’s 500 Club! Get ready to get writing!

The Rules:

1. Choose one of the two prompts below and write a 500 word story on it, or use both prompts, if you’re feeling fiesty.
2. Post your hot, fresh 500 word story on your blog.
3. Paste the first line or so of your story in the comments below, with a link back to your blog so we can read and enjoy.

Don’t have a blog? Still want to share? Just paste your story into our widget over on the right side-bar and send it to us.

And now for today’s prompts.

Prompt 1. Shipwrecked! Deserted island, or strange new world? It’s your call.

Prompt 2. Your character’s name is Busstop Jones. Who is Busstop Jones?

Happy writing!