Fight for your Right to BIC

I’m going to keep things short and sweet today, because last night I decided for some reason it would be fine to eat some shellfish from a buffet table.

It seemed like a reasonable thing to do at the time.

Anyway, this week’s theme is BIC. BIC is a technique one absolutely must refine in order to be a writer. Shakespeare used BIC to write his plays. Dickens used BIC to write his novels. Stephen King uses BIC every day. Wouldn’t you like to be like them? Well, here is how BIC is done.

  • Step One. Take your butt.
  • Step Two. Put it in a chair.
  • Step Three. Write.

No one can BIC for you. In fact, everyone wants to take your BIC away from you. Your family and friends want to hang out with your B. They do not want your B to be remotely located in your C. That’s no fun for them. Your job or schooling requires you to put your B in their C, for 40 hours a week (and more if you let them). And your own innate fear of your own possibility will keep your B out of your C all day and night if you let it call the shots.

Command your B! Do not let the world take your B from you.

Your life is what you make it, and so is your butt. If you dream of that butt being attached to a writer, well, you know what to do. Do what Shakespeare did.

BIC. Go on. Right now.