500 Club (4/21)

Happy Thursday! It’s 500 Club time!

Full disclosure: I had kind of a crazy day today, so this post is waaaay late, and I apologize for that (though it is still fully Thursday in my time zone).

Extra-delux full disclosure: Not only is it 500 Club time, but it is beer o’clock! It has been beer o’clock for at least 59 minutes now. Join me, as I present today’s prompts.

But first! Rules, rules, rules. Don’t fret, they’re quick.

  1. Write a 500 word flash on one of the prompts below.
  2. Post your story to your blog.
  3. Paste the first couple of sentences in the comments below, and  link back to your blog, so we can read the rest of your story. (If you don’t have a blog, just slap your flash in our thingamawhoosit over there in the right-hand column.)


1. Your character has found a MAGIC ELIXIR: what does it do? Does it give strength, beauty, intelligence? Ward off death? Give psychic powers? Does it solve your character’s problems, or make more of them?

2. Your character has a STRANGE OBSESSION. Maybe it’s pica, or some other form of OCD. Maybe it’s something more sinister… or maybe your character is addicted to helping others, even when it hurts him. Whatever it is, go off the rails with it.

Salud! and happy writing!