500 Club (6/2)

It’s Thursday! Time to bust out your “Do Not Disturb” signs, hunker down with your laptop/netbook/desktop/paper and pen/charcoal stick and cave wall… and play the 500 Club.

The Rules:

  1. Write 500 words on one of the prompts below. Or use both, even!
  2. Post your 500 words of shiny flash fiction on your blog.
  3. Paste the hook (the first line or two) from your flash in the comments here, and link back to your blog so we can read the rest.

Or, if you don’t have a blog, paste your 500 words in our handy thingamajiger in the sidebar over there —> and send it to us to read.

The Prompts:

1. Begin at the ending. Start your story with a line like Later, he told himself he didn’t have a choice. He never had a choice. Or In the end she swore they had betrayed her. She wept and begged. But it wasn’t enough for me.


2. You have a gang of characters. For a thriller- A cop, a criminal, a victim. For a romance- two lovers and a spurned third. For a fantasy- a mage, a warrior, and a thief. You get the idea. Here comes the fun part. Rather than assuming your cop or warrior is a man and your mage or your victim is a woman, flip a coin to assign the gender of each character.

Have fun! Go nuts!