There’s one thing we all have in common.


I assume this because I’m writing this and you’re reading it. Beside the life that pulses in our veins though, life also happens to us. Whether it manifests itself as a new job, spouse, baby, winning lottery ticket or the loss of any of the same, life will happen at its own discretion with little to no input from you.

Anyone who follows my posts know that I’ve been juggling life happenings for a while now. That in itself isn’t a bad thing. So I thought…

Last night at a meeting of the PLC brain trust, the Amys staged an intervention. It had been quite a while since they’ve read anything new from me and they were getting worried. Was I giving up? Did writing have a place for me anymore?

Of course I wasn’t giving up! I was just busy. My family just took up more time. My day job was just keeping me later and busier. My laptop just wasn’t cutting it. I’m just… just…


All these excuses swirled in my head, making me dizzy. Sure, I had things I needed to take care of, but I had completely stopped writing. The Amys kindly, but firmly pointed out all this free time I had, but chose to do something else instead. My “life happenings” might have been fooling me, but the Amys wouldn’t have any of it. I needed to change something, and I had to happen now. Did I really want to throw away everything I’ve already accomplished?

So we came up with a plan.

My problem, I believe, was spending too much time away from creating prose. Now when I approach the blank page, I’m filled with an anxiety that should have dissolved with a page filled with my words. Instead it chased me away. No joke, I willingly vacuumed the house and moved furniture around so I didn’t have to look at the wordless screen. That’s bad. I mean really, really bad.

This is where the Amys step in. For the next three weeks they will help me get back on the write path. They’ll send me a daily prompt, and I will be responsible for sending a reply before the end of the day based on said prompt. I don’t know the nature of the prompts, but as I understand the “assignments” will start out short and easy and progress in length and difficulty as the weeks move on. By which time I should be back on my own two feet and intervention free.

Not everyone can be lucky enough to have the Amys care about their work. The best thing any aspiring author can do is join or form a writing group. It takes time and commitment to forge relationships that work, but when you do, they’ll never let you down.

Or allow you to let yourself down.