500 Club (7/28)

It’s Thursday! Time to play the 500 Club!

Before we begin, a quick recap of the rules:

  1. Write a 500 word story based on one of the prompts.
  2. Post the story to your blog.
  3. In the comments, paste a teaser to your story and a link where we can read the rest.

Or….If you don’t have a blog, copy and paste your entire story in the handy widgetybob over there on the right. See it? Good.
All set? Here we go. Prompts:

1. Write a scene involving a change of seasons, either literal or figurative. Go for subtlety. Say less but mean more.


2. Write a scene between two characters, and at a pivotal moment, add a third. Explore how the third character changes the dynamic of the scene. Don’t have your characters do or say the obvious. Go for subtlety, instead.

Have fun!