The 2011 Validation Tickets, Part II of III

We’re handing out Validation Tickets this week, The Parking Lot Confessional’s very own blog awards.


Last time around, we only gave the Validation Ticket to group blogs. This time, however, we’re awarding them to any blog we find entertaining, informative or thoughtful when it comes to the topic of writing.

With that in mind, I chose the following blogs…

T.A. Thinks: Not only did I immediately identify with T.A.’s most recent post, Walking the Long Road of Distraction, but her bio statement solidified that I think she’s a blogger worth reading. “Reformed control freak who gave up trying to control the world after finding it easier to control words. I write thrillers and dystopias. Most of my characters are a little crazy in the head. Apple: Tree – you make the connection.” Love it. Great blog.

All the World’s Our Page: This group blog reminded me a lot of our own beloved Parking Lot Confessional. Writer-friends blogging their way through the writing journey. I particularly enjoyed Claire’s recent post, Shifting Perspectives. What a unique exercise for understanding tone and language. Thank you for that fresh take on a writing topic that can be difficult to pin down. You ladies are doing a great job writing and maintaining a group blog. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world.

The Practical Free Spirit: In the spirit of full disclosure, Amy Sundberg is a friend of mine. But that’s not why I’m giving her the Validation Ticket. I’m giving it to her because she’s a smart and fearless blogger. (When she reads that, she’ll disagree, but that doesn’t make it any less true.) She blogs about writing. She blogs about musical theater. She blogs about growing a backbone and exploring what it means to be a superhero. She blogs about whatever she damn well pleases, and does so with intelligence and confidence. In her recent post, Accidental Influence, Amy contemplates the influence we have on each other, whether we’re aware of the impact or not. Well, Amy, you’ve certainly had an impact on me. And for that, I thank you.

Congratulations! Thank you for doing what you do, and for doing it so well.

For the Validated- If you accept the award (please do), just save a copy of the graphic and post it on your blog. Then pass the award along to a few of your favorite blogs to keep the love flowing. Be sure to leave comments on the blogs you choose, letting them know you gave them an award.