The 2011 Validation Tickets, Part III of III

The Validation Ticket blog awards are upon us again here at the Parking Lot Confessional. This entire week we’ve been handing out awards to blogs that have caught our eye, and more importantly, held them for post after post.

We’ve broadened our criteria this year from a group-only format to any blog that in some way, shape or form pertains to writing.

And now, here are my three choices to wrap up this week of awards:

Kristen Lamb’s Blog – Kristen’s blog not only tackles the endless questions of the beginning writer (I don’t consider myself a beginner, but my questions are still never-ending), she also talks about how to effectively connect with your potential readers. Her posts vary from inspirational to whether or not particular social service might be good for you. Definitely a blog to check out.

Ask Daphne – Kate Schafer Testerman of kt literary maintains a blog under her alter ego, Daphne Unfeasible. There she offers up publishing industry gossip, post on books, authors, and the ever daunting query letter. I highly recommend digging through the archives for her “About My Query” series. I have them bookmarked for when it comes time for me to put my book-babies out there.

The “Real” Deahl – Carrie Deahl is a high school English Teacher (no typo. Of all the things we owe our nation’s Teachers, an honorific capital T is the least I can do) that has decided to blog her student lessons and how she intends to connect to our future readers and writers. I am so intrigued by her posts. Until now, I’ve only experienced them from the student perspective (many, many years ago). In particular I’ve enjoyed how she creates summer reading lists and her methods to get students to pay attention to what they’re reading. And even though her lessons are aimed at high-schoolers, aspiring writers like myself can still take away useful knowledge.

Congratulations to each of you! Your words have touched and inspired me. Keep on typing!

If you haven’t already, please check out Amy McLane and Amy Nichols‘s posts for the rest of this week’s awards.

For the Validated- If you accept the award (please do), just save a copy of the graphic and post it on your blog. Then pass the award along to a few of your favorite blogs to keep the love flowing. Be sure to leave comments on the blogs you choose, letting them know you gave them an award.