500 Club (8/18)

It’s Thursday! Time for another brain-cramping round of the 500 Club!

Before we get to the cramping of our brains, a quick recap of how this puppy runs:

  1. Write a 500-word story in response to one of the prompts below.
  2. Post your story on your blog.
  3. Paste a teaser to your story in the comments below and include a link where we can read the rest.

OR… If you don’t have a blog, paste your entire story in the brilliant little widget over there on the sidebar and send it to us.

Clear as mud puppies? Ready to cramp your brain? Here are today’s prompts:

1. Write a scene in a style/genre that is the opposite of what you typically read and/or write. Don’t write satire, but rather take the scene seriously. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.


2. Write a satire of the style/genre you typically read and/or write. Hone in on those tropes that typify your genre. Being aware of them will help you avoid cliché when you get back to your writing projects. Remember: just because you’re writing satire for this exercise doesn’t mean you should write sloppy. Take pride in your work.

Have fun!