500 Club (8/25)

Hello Beautiful Thursday! Let’s get our prompts on!

New to the 500 Club? Here are the rules:

  1. Choose one of the two prompts below and write 500 words on it.
  2. Post your brand new flash to your blog. (If you don’t have a blog, copy your story and paste it into the handy text box over yonder —-> See it? Keep scrolling down. Ok, cool.)
  3. Finally, post the first line or two of your story here in the comments and link back to your blog so we can finish reading your freshly-churned brilliance.

Green? Super green. And now, today’s prompts are…disoriented???

1. Where am I? Your character wakes up to find he/she has been shanghaied. A pirate ship, a stage coach, an interplanetary express, or just an old white Chevy Astro (eek!)- it’s your call.


2. Where did it go? Your character wakes up to find something crucial missing. Her hair, his money… their child. Again, it’s your call. 

Happy writing! Go nuts!