Oh, THAT’S Where I Left My Track!

What has two thumbs and a recently renewed writing groove?

It’s hard to see how far off track you’ve gotten until you finally get back on and take a look at the veering path you meandered on. I spent months successfully avoiding productivity with bags full of excuses and more fingers than hands to point at blaming fodder.

In my last confession I told you about the Intervention the Amys staged. So I won’t go over it again. Instead let me go over all the things I’ve accomplished since then.

For starters, how about a complete outline for an entirely new novel. This was my first attempt at creating an outline before diving into a new idea. I’ll admit, I was pleasantly surprised. I plotted out forty-four scenes in thirty chapters.

My biggest concern in writing an outline first had to do with drive. If I knew how it was all going to play out before writing it, would I want to still do it? Would the fire still be there? And the answer is a resounding…

It’s more like seeing a really good movie trailer. You get the gist of the whole film which gets your butt in the theater. This outline gives me the gist of the whole book which gets me to want to put my butt in the chair to write it.

But that’s not all…

I somehow managed to bamboozle my wife into giving me the entire Labor Day weekend to write uninterrupted. I toyed with the notion of tackling the 3 Day Novel like Amy Nichols did and wrote about on Wednesday. But by the time I knew I had the weekend to myself, it was too late to officially enter the contest. I think it would’ve been irresponsible as well to start a brand new novel (a novella, really) since I now have three unfinished works.

So I dusted off and cracked open an old binder with my first completed manuscript. I have done some light revisions in the past, but I’ve never really created a proper revised draft. I’m not sure if when I’m done it will be publishable, but I do know that my craft has improved exponentially since I typed those first lines years ago. I need to familiarize myself with the entire process. Then the next revision project should be easier (in theory), and at the very least, I shouldn’t be afraid to tackle it.

I’ve already reworked the opening chapters. A few tweaks in some places, while one chapter (so far) got a full rewrite. I’ll share my progress in confessions to come.

So have you ever been derailed and struggled your way back? I’d like to hear about it.