500 Club (9/22)

Let’s take a break from this week’s Round Robin story and see if we can’t help spark some of your own original shorts. Relax and let the story take you where it wants. Just hold on and enjoy.

First those pesky rules:

  1. Write 500 words based on one of the two prompts below.
  2. Post it to your blog. No blog? Paste it in the text box in the side widget, conveniently labeled “500 Club”.
  3. Give us a small taste in the comments below along with a link to the full text.

And now on to the prompts:

1. Take Western and flip it on its ear. Blend in some science, steampunk, werewolves, or whatever you like. Make it fresh and fun in 500 words.

2. Finish this opener: In one hand Paul held a knife, dull and pitted with rust. The other held a jar of copper liquid, mercury-like in nature. If only he didn’t have to make the choice…