Novel Overhaul and Other Stuff

This last month has found me more productive than I can remember being in the last year. I’m trying to recall the moment when the switch flipped, but I’m straining and don’t want to risk pulling a brain muscle. Regardless of the reason, progress was made and I feel good.

My first novel has finally gone into revisions. I’ve tweaked things before, but this will be the first real overhaul. More than a tune-up, the whole engine will be dismantled, fixed, cleaned and reinstalled one part at a time. The prospect of doing that in the past has caused me to turn a blind eye to the project, but now I’ve got my tools in hand and working one scene after the other. Currently I’m looking at weaving in a subplot, maybe adding a relation between characters that wasn’t present before, and clearing up a plot question that, surprise-surprise, never got answered by the end.  I want the revised draft done by the holidays. The holidays, by and large, were meant for stresses of a different nature.

On top of that, I’ve also written an entirely new short story. With some cleaning up, I’m planning something special to do with that one later this year.

So now what?

I thoroughly enjoy these quasi-magical bursts of wordsmithing output. I find it akin to a runner’s high. Now here’s my worry. Usually these peaks of output are followed by valleys of writing drought. Up and down, up and down like waves in the ocean or squiggly lines on some monitor found in the TARDIS.

This month I plan to keep the momentum rolling forward. I won’t expect brilliance everyday. That would be an unreasonable expectation. I’m not even going to set a daily word goal. Since my focus is mainly revisions, that wouldn’t serve with cuts involved. I just plan on doing something, anything, everyday.