Wunderlist: A great tool for writers

I’m a list maker. There’s something about seeing the things I need to accomplish laid out that helps me focus. Keeps me on track.

I don’t just make lists of everyday tasks, though. I make lists of ideas and projects and goals, too. Stories to write. Paintings to paint. Creative things to do creatively.

It used to be I made my lists on paper, napkins, pizza boxes, mirrors… Whatever I had at hand when the list-making urge hit. Then I got an iPad, and my list-making habits met the 21st century.

Photo courtesy of Wunderlist

I tried out several list-making apps before settling on a favorite. As of this posting, my go-to app for making lists is Wunderlist.

Wunderlist is a straightforward (and yet aesthetically pleasing) app that allows you to create lists, and easily add, delete and prioritize the items on each list. The calendar and reminder feature is also very useful for keeping you organized, and the Done filter allows you to look back over all of the things you’ve accomplished. I find seeing all of those Done items hugely motivating.

I’ve found this to be a useful app as a writer. I keep a To Do list for my WiP, as well as a separate list for things I’ll need to consider when revising the novel. (You know, those things that run through your mind as you’re writing, but you don’t want to stop and address right then.) I keep a Revisions list, a list of blogging topics, a list of journals to submit to. The lists go on and on (*rimshot*).

While I’ve only used the app on my iPad, the program is available for a number of platforms, including your desktop.

I highly recommend Wunderlist. It’s a great app, and a great writing tool.