Breaking that tape

I confess: nothing too salacious this month. I’ve been a good girl, I’ve been working my tail off, and the finish line is in sight. I just have to write one new scene, make two minor edits, and do the final readthrough (this will be the THIRD final readthrough, so it should be smooth sailing) and I’ll be ready to start the querying process for my high fantasy novel, The Afflicted. It should, barring unforseen disaster, be ready to go this month.

I’ve got spreadsheets of agent data, and plan to stagger my queries in groups of five or so, so I don’t hit all my most likely matches at once. That way I’ll have time to correct my course if I’m not even scoring nibbles with my initial rounds of querying.

It’s a weird feeling, to know that something I’ve worked on for so many years is almost finished. I mean, I’ve been working onThe Afflicted since 2004. It’s older than my marriage, older than my child. It’s also not the first novel I’ve written, but the first two were not worth trying to salvage. Which is fine by me; there is nothing wrong with practicing an art until you feel you’ve gotten the hang of it. And, having a perfectionist streak, it also means knowing what to let go and what to keep working with.

I’m scared, and excited, and ready for something new. Hopefully fate will be kind as I prepare to take this next step. If it isn’t, I guess I’ll keep writing anyway, as I’m too pigheaded to do anything else.