Three things I need to stop doing (so I can start writing)

We all have roadblocks on the way to getting our butts in the chair. Usually this stuff manifests in the form of the 9-5, the kidlets, sleep. But there are more insidious (aka stupid) creativity-stoppers, ones that come from inside of us. Here are my top three most heinous crimes wrought in the name of procrastination.
3. Internetting: from the Hairpin to the Oatmeal, I have a serious problem.  The worst is when I convince myself that this is part of my daily reading, and I am feeding my imagination with story fodder. Lies. There is a ton of great stuff on the internet, but I’ve yet to get a spark from any of it. Seems that only fiction can give me that juice.
2. Gaming: I usually only have one culprit at a time. Right now it’s Dragonvale.

Ugh, Dragonvale. (Sims + Pokemon) x Gambling, but with DRAGONS. Gotta obsessively breed ’em all!
1. Daydreaming: Seems innocent, perhaps even necessary, right? It’s not. It’s indulgent nonsense. Either I’m wasting time thinking about that awesome action scene that doesn’t happen until 2/3 through the next book, or I’m imagining serial adventures chock full of juicy melodrama featuring my star-crossed lovers — in the first case it’s a scene I should be writing toward, not farting around mooning over, in the second, it’s usually something I know has no place in the story. Outtakes. Extras. Like fanfic. Like I am mentally writing fanfic for my own unpublished work. Wat. Is. That. (I hope to God I am not the only person who does this, because on the scale of embarrassing admissions, that one goes up to 11).
So now that I have fully outed my worst stupidities, I’ma gonna go WRITE. Hope you do the same.