All Tied in Knots

It’s confession time, again. And there’s nothing worse than posting one of these that sounds more like a list of excuses than a list of accomplishments. I have a little of both this month. Okay, more of one than the other.

For the last month I’ve felt like I’ve had my hands tied when it came to getting anything creatively done. Everything from house hunting to laptops breaking plagued me this month. Just classic cases of life happening. Converging all at once makes it suck that much more.

Those were legitimate problems to stop writing for a while. Now they’re not. However, the longer I went without writing, the harder it was to pick it up again. I began looking for other things to do that would keep me from writing. You know, things like house work.

So in concerted effort to break that unhealthy chain, I’ve started to write. My first task was to finish the Round Robin story we set out to do **mumble-mumble** weeks ago. To keep it fair, I didn’t (completely) read it until I knew I’d have the time to finish it. Shooting from the hip is a big premise to the story, and I didn’t want to deviate from that. You can read the full story here, or get to it from the menu bar above.

Now I’ll wrap this up so I might get to another short story I have brewing. In the mean time, can you let me know how you manage to get out of your non-writing slumps? One can never have to many tools at his or her disposal.