One Thing That Irks Me In The Books I Love

My book club recently read a really good book. I mean, really good.

I loved it. Loved, loved, LOVED it.



There was this moment toward the end of the book when I realized how the author would bring the two love interests back together. My reaction to this was, “Oh, please don’t do it that way.”

It was too obvious. And when it’s too obvious, that takes away the element of surprise. One of the reasons I read and one of the things I love most about reading is the element of surprise. The *gasp* moment. I love when an author takes a story in crazy, unexpected turns. (Within reason, of course. Like most readers, I’m not a fan of deus ex machina.)

So when an otherwise wonderful story takes an obvious course, it feels like a bit of a letdown.

I’m probably being unfair here. Our book club pick was a gorgeous page-turner, which I enjoyed immensely. And I must say, even though I guessed the ending, the author did add a bit of spin on the events, which made them more believable, less coincidental.

But if there’s one thing that irks me in books I love, it’s being able to guess what happens next.

It’s something I’m highly aware of as a reader. I just hope I’m highly aware of it as a writer, too.

What are some things that irk you in the books you love?