See That Track? I’m on It.

Who wants to play the Blame Game? You know, that game where you get to point your finger at any one or thing other than yourself. It’s designed to help people feel justified when they have absolutely no reason to be. So you want to play?

Me neither.

Last month I decided to strengthen my writing habit by using this site. I went as far as signing up for their monthly challenge to write everyday for the entire month of June. It’s almost laughable how excited I got when I received the badge for completing the challenge.

This month has also seen the completion of short story. I’m in the middle of some rewrites to make the beginning as good as the end. Give me another week and I should be through with it.

This really is the charm of the site.

And last, but surely not least, I’ve blown the dust off a manuscript that’s been lying around for far too long. The first draft is years old. Yes, I am embarrassed on how long it has taken me to get to it. I attempted it last year and only managed several chapters before loosing focus. This time I’m armed with Scrivener and a higher motivation to see this through.

I have a list of ideas and story starters. I can outline a full story from beginning to end. I can even complete an entire first draft. What  I need to do is see a project all the way through. Get to the final draft. Then, when I shop it around, I can feel confident that if I can’t sell this one, I can do it again. And if I do sell it, I can do it again.

It’s a win-win kind of thing.

What have you accomplished this month or plan to do in the following month? Never hurts to have a cheering section.