To my amazing friends

A few years ago, I can’t remember how many now, I took an evening creative writing class at a community college. One night, before class, I got to talking with some of my classmates. One mentioned the town of Jerome and his fondness of ghost stories. We struck up a conversation that turned into an ongoing discussion of writing, which turned into critiquing each other’s work and voila we became a writing group.

S. C. Green and I enrolled in another class at the same community college, during which we met a very talented writer named Amy McLane. Her writing blew us away. And she turned out to be a really cool person. We invited her to join what has now become The Parking Lot Confessional.

I wouldn’t be the writer I am today if it wasn’t for Stephen and Amy. They are honest, encouraging, and brutal when brutality is needed. They’ve picked me up more times than I can count. They’ve helped dust me off and find my footing again. They are, in short, the best group of friends a writer could have. (You think your group is the best, but you’re wrong.)

Last week, I signed with Adams Literary, and am now represented by Quinlan Lee. Aside from my family, the first people I told were Stephen and Amy. And true to their awesomeness, they celebrated with me. Cupcakes were involved, as was pie and tea. (We really know how to party.) It should have been me buying them drinks, but alas.

I’m anxious to celebrate Stephen’s and Amy’s imminent success. To buying them cupcakes and pie. I’m excited to see where our writing journeys take us. To watch each of us achieve our goals and dreams. Mostly, I’m looking forward to lifelong friendship, of supporting each other through the lows and celebrating the highs.

Here’s to you, Stephen and Amy. Thank you.