500 Club (9/6)

Happy Thursday! I have just been so oblivious today, I nearly forgot our lovely prompts. (I also did not notice two of my writerly friends hanging out a mere table away at my coffee shop for goodness knows how long, so it’s not just you baby.)


So, let’s play!:

  1. Write 500 words based on one of the two prompts below.
  2. Post it to your blog.
  3. Give us the first line or two in the comments below along with a link to your blog so we can read the rest.


1. The Forgotten: It’s easy to lose things, even things that mean a lot to us. Write a story about something loved and misplaced; like an old photo, a wedding ring, a violin. 

2. Back to School: Write a story about a teacher and his/her students. What are they studying? Are they learning how to slay a dragon, or is this the first day of space camp? Feel free to write about your own hobbies or interests, with a twist.