3 Things Necessary for the Writer’s Journey

We writers can be a peculiar lot. We make up all kinds of rules and excuses and myths around our creative pursuits. Kitchen table, not office. Scrivener, not Word. Coffee, not tea. Pencil, not pen. And not just any pencil, either; a Ticonderoga Number 2 with an extra sharp point. Yes, with our superstitious natures, we could easily create a scenario where we only write at 11:11pm when the full moon falls on a Tuesday.

When it comes to the writing journey, there are three things that trump having the right office supplies, software, location, etc.

1. Faith

Any writer wanting to take this gig seriously must have faith. A belief that creating stories is worth the time and effort necessary to make the work good enough to share with the world. A writer with faith in herself can accomplish much. A writer who knows others have faith in her can accomplish even more. Writing is a journey of faith.

2. Hope

Every writer hopes to be published. That hope is like a little flame inside. It’s only in the face seemingly endless rejection do we realize how necessary that flame is. Hope is what keeps us going, keeps us writing, keeps us sending out our work. Writing is a journey of hope.

3. Love

Above all, writers need love. Love for words, sentences, stories, characters. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard or read authors give the advice: “If you don’t love writing, find something else to do.” The writing journey is long and exhausting and even heartbreaking. It’s a difficult journey, lots of work and sometimes zero payoff. If you don’t love writing, it’s not worth it. But if you do love it, then you find that writing itself is the payoff. Your love grows with each character you create, each story you complete. When it’s all said and done, writing is a journey of love.

Office supplies and software are great and necessary. But without these three things, ugh, what a difficult journey writing would be.