Leading a Double Life

Every day, Superman donned glasses and business attire and did his best to blend in as Clark Kent.

Every day, you don your regular person attire and go to work or school (or both), and do your best to blend in as a regular person. Unless you’re particularly outspoken, you likely keep your superpower (mutant ability?) under wraps.

By day you’re a teacher, a store clerk, a student. By night, you’re a writer.

Melodramatic? Perhaps. But sometimes being a writer is like leading a double life. Your family thinks you’re doing the dishes, but you’re really plotting, creating, imagining. When the rest of the house calls it a night, you’re just gearing up to write the next chapter.

You may not be saving the world from evil aliens or deranged criminals, but you are impacting the world through your art. Even if what you write never sees the light of day, when you create you’re being true to your creative calling. Being true to your creative calling brings joy. Joy changes your outlook and how you interact with the world.

So embrace your double life. Make the most of your mutant ability. Blend in during the day and wield your powers when no one’s watching.

You and the world will be better for it.