Hello, hello again

Hi everybody! We’re baaaaaaack!

So after a slightly-less-brief-than-intended hiatus, Amy, S.C., and I have figured out what changes we’d like to make for the PLC. We want to be a little less formal, a little more fun, and open up the blog to a greater variety of topics while still being, in essence, a blog about writing.

So hi, again! I’m Amy McLane…

2013-01-07 10.49.05

I AM KHALEESI MOTHER OF A … SMALL BOY (it’s basically the same thing as dragons)

….and here’s what I’ll be posting on.

I write fantasy of all flavors. I also dabble in science fiction and horror. I think YA sounds fun. I am THE SEMIPRO. (I basically feel like I have this tattooed on my forehead.) And what that means is, I am not a member of SFWA, the professional SFF writer’s association. Yet. I either need to sell ONE more short story to a pro market, or sell a novel to be able to join up. I have a novel I’m shopping. I have another, totally different one I’m revising. And I’m trying to polish up some short stories and find them nice homes. So that’s where I’m coming from right now. Writing-wise, I may write posts about the querying process, I may write posts about revisions. Or anything else, really, but again, this is where I’m at, where I’m coming from, the humble land of the not quite there yet.

I also have a deep love of etymology. I think it is important for writers to understand where words come from, their history, their connotations and denotations. And I also think cultivating this understanding is particularly important for writers of science fiction and fantasy, who are creating whole worlds, and thus often inventing new words. So I’ll be posting on word nerdery, for sure.

Because my background is SFF, I’ll also be writing genre posts. Some will be touching on whatever the latest trends are, but also I’ll be digging deep and exploring writers like Fritz Lieber, James Tiptree Jr., or Howard Waldrop, (to name just a few) authors who are really amazing and not as well known as they ought to be. (Also, fair warning, every member of the PLC is a Whovian, so there will very likely be some Doctor-related chatter when the season hiatus is over. (S.C. is not current with the series so we will just have to spoiler tag for him. Poor S.C. He is the potato one.)

Lastly, I’ll be covering what I like to call Adventures in Research. Right now I’ve been learning a lot about guns and their history, so my first series of AiR posts will be about guns. I also have books on poisonous plants, Victorian England, world mythologies, crystals and their properties… all sorts of good weird stuff that may spark some story ideas for you guys.

Now, I don’t own these topics, nor do I own Mondays. So you may see additional posts from me at other times of the week, and you may see S.C. or Amy Nichols posting on “my” days or “my” topics too. We’re hoping that this loosening of the rules will result in more good stuff for everybody.

Happy New Year to you all, and see you real soon!