Your Pyramid of Elephants Are Standing In The Ring

(So this post is related to a topic idea S.C. had, and since it just happened to me a few hours ago I’m gonna go ahead and steal his thunder a tiny lil bit.)

I woke up in the middle of the night with a scene in my head. I had the guy, I had his name, I had his basic problem. I fumbled around in the dark until I found a notepad and pen and started writing it all down. Just as I almost had it, a squat, bulky shadow appeared in the bedroom doorway. I was so freaked out I could barely call, “Hello?”

“Mommy I’m scared,” said the shadow. It was my four year old son, and he was carrying an enormous red upright suitcase.

I thrashed around and tried to sit up, and said something gentle and comforting to him. Loving and soothing. Calming and reassuring. Juuuust kidding what I actually said was, “Then what are you doing with that suitcase?”

At which point I realized I was still asleep.

How's the reception? Comin' through okay?

How’s the reception?

My brain was trying to wake me up from REM to write down that damn story idea. It tried the idea itself, then it tried scaring me with a shadow, then it tried to play on my maternal instincts, which got me about halfway there, so polite golf claps for that, then it busted out the tried and true wait a minute the kid is getting into something what’s he doing he’s gonna break it hey kid knock it offfffff


We uh, we don't actually own a suitcase like this, so that was a bit of a tip-off also I guess

We uh, we don’t actually own a suitcase like this, so that was a bit of a tip-off also I guess

So I wrote three pages of notes, got up and checked on the kid just to be sure, got back into bed and wrote two more pages of notes and went eventually went back to sleep. I’ve got bags under my eyes so big hobos could carry them on sticks and my shirt is inside out and backwards but I’ve got those notes damnit.

I’ve had times before where I’ve woken up from a dream and thought it would make a great story, but never anything like this. Have you ever had a weird dream that turned into a story? Have you ever had a dream where your brain woke you up on purpose?