Stray Sparks: The Sleep Deprived

I’m a bad decision maker. Ask my wife. She’ll say I’m notoriously so. Things like eating half a chocolate cake right before bed, or forgetting to eat dinner (when left to my own devises) and skipping straight to dessert. Last night I made another bad decision. I waited until six at night to drink a full cup of coffee; not a drop of decaf in it.

Coffee cupCan you guess how much sleep I got? I’ll tell you. Less than three hours. And let me tell you, I’m hurting. I can’t focus for the world. My mind keeps roaming off on its own. Honestly, I’ve paused several times while writing this for no good reason other than to stare at the keys in wonderment. I mean, come on, who decided the order of all the letters on the keyboard?*

I’ve also filled my spark catcher full of odd things, descriptions, ideas, and the like (I don’t think I can classify them as insights in this state). Things that I’m not sure if my normal, more rested mind, would have thought up. A bunch of left-turn thinking I call them. The question will be if they stand up to clear-headed thinking tomorrow.

Now I’m not one to condone depriving yourself of sleep solely to get some good story fodder.


If you’re going to do it to yourself anyway, might as well get some benefit out of it.

*In case you lose sleep over the keyboard question.