Confession of a Recovering Writer

empty lotAlright.

It’s been a long while since we had a round of confessions here at the Parking Lot. Taking that in mind, we decide to change it up a bit. Previously we dedicated one week a month to tell you about our writing accomplishments and/or woes for two main purposes.

One, it gave you the reader an honest look into a writer’s output. Sometime’s we’re on fire. Other times, we just sort of fizzled.

And two, it kept us in check. If we shared what we did or didn’t do, it added accountability to ourselves. I saw it as a “put up, or shut up” kind of motivation.

After some reflection though, we felt that the monthly schedule proved to be a little flawed. Sometimes it was hard to remember what all we had done over the span of a month. Or, focus on a span of days when the writing was hard and completely ignore the productivity that happened the rest of the time. So here’s our solution.

This time around we plan on giving weekly updates, but all on the same day. We hereby claim Tuesdays to be our tell-all day. I’ll start.

Over the last week I’ve been focusing back on the fundamentals, regenerating the sparks and ideas that first got me into writing. I bought myself a little black book pictured here, and finding at least three things to put in it each day. I’m also spending at least one night a week, away from the house, to write. Those nights are dedicated to fiction projects only, either writing or editing. Nothing else.

If my kids do better with structure in their lives, then so can I.