Writing Up: Making the Decision


Warning: My Who is showing in the following post.

Over the last several weeks I’ve made casual mention of my writing recovery. Today I want to  go a little more in-depth into it, and what I’ve been doing about it. So let’s roll the clock back like we have a TARDIS at our disposal and see if we can’t figure this out, sonic screwdriver or no.

The decline started about three years ago. No coincidence that it was at the same time as my youngest daughter’s birth. Slowly, but surely, the free time dwindled to nothing. My writing all but came to a halt at that moment. During that time I had accomplished some things, but nowhere near what I had been doing before then. At the risk of boring you with the detail, I’ll skip to about six months ago. That’s when the writing came to a dead stop.

The chaos that ensued in my life was no less dramatic than the crack in space and time threatening to destroy the Doctor. As much a I might have wished, I did not hear any sound of a key being dragged on a piano string. No rescue. No deus ex machina. No god from the machine or Doctor from the TARDIS. Then one day, it all calmed down. The crazy went on leave (I have no delusions of it staying gone, I’m married with children). Just like that, and I was free to go on with my life.

Crack in Time and SpaceDigging through my personal archives depressed me. I hadn’t written anything of substance for a long, long, long time. Then I tried to hide it. I felt ten years old all over again, trying to hide my lack of doing homework from a teacher or parent. Only this time the only disappointed party was me.

And so came the first step (feel free to write this down for your own personal use)

I had to make a decision.

I could go on with my life without writing. Time Lord knows I have plenty of things I could be doing. Owning a house means there are always projects to do. I could start a hobby like most adults my age. Football, NASCAR, poker nights, and bowling leagues are all acceptable mid-life male activities. Sadly, Time Lord companion is not one of them. Or, I could go back to writing.

Despite the odds that may be against me, I have too many stories basting in my brain that I believe in to just let them die with me. So I took the first step in my personal writing recovery and made my decision. Not only that, but I decided to share what I’ve done here. Maybe there’s a few of you out there that has gone through this or are currently making this decision for yourself. We can help each other out here. I’ll tell you what works for me, what failed, and what did nothing either way.

I want you to do the same. Share what worked for you and what failed. Because when you’ve reached a low like I have, there’s only one way to go.


So let’s do this together. Then we can all be Writing Up.