Tuesday Confesh: Deflatulating My Fat Head

All families have their own catchphrases and in-jokes. In my house growing up, it was Not Cool to be late to anything, ever, so we had Stop Farting Around. Always preceded by the tardy culprit’s name, it was one of those things you said when you meant business but it was also just silly enough to prevent bruised feelings.

BEHOLD The Wonder of Google Image Search "Beano"

BEHOLD The Wonder of Google Image Search: BEANO

I did not wisely utilize my free time this week. And that’s gotta stop, because summer is coming and that means no more preschool. So….

Aim!!! Stop Farting Around!!!

Tomorrow I am going to be dressed and at my desk at 9 am sharp. I already have my laptop set up, coffee ready to brew, a composition notebook, pen, and a copy of Steering the Craft to hand, and I am Doing Things right now at 10:53 PM instead of lying in bed playing Pixel People so that tomorrow HAPPENS.