Making Use

empty lotNot much new to add this week. I’m making use of the little time I’m given each week to write. The saving grace has been the Pomodoro Technique Amy McLane wrote about a little over a year ago. Still works, in case you’re wondering.

I get one night a week to focus solely on my writing. If I don’t use my timer and planned breaks, the evening is a waste. As it is, last week’s write night garnered this:

  • One session of stream-of-conscious journal writing – This is done to get the crazy crazy out. Once done, I can move on to the productive crazy.
  • Multiple blog posts – Yes. More than one. Shocking.
  • Bone-crushingly agonizing revisions – It was slooooooow going, but I managed to make progress.

I think the only reason I was even able to tackle that last point was because I was on such a roll coming off the first two. If I had tried the other way around, I pretty sure I would’ve floundered.

I also promised a visual representation of my progress. And here it is:

BeforeRevisions2To the right is the complete printout of my first draft of the novel I’m working on. As I complete more of the revised draft, I will print it out and stack it up for all to see. As you can see, I’ve got about two centimeters of work. I’m hoping to add maybe another centimeter with the extra things I’ve already itemized to include.

I’m not setting a definite finish date just yet. I want to give it a few more weeks to see what kind of workflow I’m generating. Then I’ll administer a deadline based on that.

So for now, back to the revisions.