Stray Sparks: The Upkeep, Part 2

My Tinder BoxGoing through my little black book of ideas, I discovered something I didn’t quite expect. Occasionally I’d write an entry twice, or jot down two ideas too similar to be discernible from each other. Of course my first though was,

“Well, there it is. I’m losing my mind, and here’s the early signs.”

Eventually I calmed myself down, and convinced myself I wasn’t crazy. Trust me, that was a conversation I almost lost.

Instead I realized something else. These weren’t moments my mind slipped. These were moments my mind was trying to get my attention. After jotting the idea down the first time, I didn’t do anything with it. And my subconscious, being all ego-like, was all, “Hey jack wagon, I give you a perfectly good– no, great — idea. And what do you do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

Sorry. My subconscious is sometimes a jerk.

Well, actually it’s not. Here’s why. It gave me the idea again. A second chance to get at it.

“No, you meathead. I’m pounding it through your noggin so you won’t let a good– no, great –thing slip you by. Again.”

Like I said, sorry.

Now I know I have to use that idea. It’s sparked off more than once, showing me that the idea is pretty hot right now. I should use it will I’m excited about it. And it could keep my subcon from being such an a-hole.

“Not likely, jack wagon.”

So go through your book of ideas and see where you might have made some duplicates. If you find any, get those written out. Who knows? It might lead to some more sparks.