Does it explode?

This post was brought to you by too much coffee. Also my WordPress Dashboard has lost it’s dang mind, so I’m sorry if the photos are ridic because I can’t even preview.)

There is a big difference between the pain of not writing because you’re internally blocked and the pain of not writing because you are externally blocked. In that sense, this week has been nightmarish. Twice. TWICE! I have woken with a new, necessary chapter just unspooling beautifully in my head and before I could even sit up and put on my glasses LIFE HAPPENED. AYEEEEEEE YOU GUYS. AYEEEE AND ALSO ARGH.

Example? Sunday, 5 pm: Everyone worked on necessary house projects all day. I was beat by 3:30, but kept going, guzzling energy drinks until I got a chance to sit down. Just as I was explaining to the rest of PLC via email that if our Sunday meeting got cancelled I would go out to write anyway because I needed to so badly, my son (who’d been unusually grumpy and clingy all day) flung himself on top of me sobbing that his ear hurt.

Hi, 7 pm trip to the clinic!

Hi, 8 pm trip to the drugstore!

Hi, 9 pm return trip to the drugstore because the bag slipped out of my hand as I was walking up my own sidewalk while juggling keys, a stuffed bear, and two b’s (special blankets) and one of the bottles of amoxicillin went SPLAT.


In fact as I write this it is 2 to 8, my own kid is not up (and should be) I have not made him breakfast (but lunch is in the bag) but I have to write right now or I am going to go Image

So this week, in my hour of desperation I have written at.

1. Ikea’s dining room (I LOVE YOU IKEA)

2 Veteran’s Oasis Park, which has a man-made lake and waterfall.

VOP Wins: tranquility, privacy and giant jackrabbits. I fell in love with jackrabbits that day, having only seen cottontails since I moved out here. Heck I probably have seen some jackrabbits before this week and just assumed they were giant cats or half-grown coyotes — they are BIG, son. They are WTF size.Image

VOP Loses: gnats,oh the gnats. Also, writing by hand in a notebook which is slooooow going if you’re out of practice. Also the sun went down.

3. A McDonalds Playland (I had a terrifying 30 second video of this but the new wordpress is not letting me post it in here because apparently a post with words, photos AND video is TOO MUCH, wtf. Anyway consider yourselves saved from the abyss. Just…imagine about 35 children from the ages of 3-12 screaming their happy little heads off nonstop for two hours and you’ve got it. I wrote 4 pages. Long live Xanax.)

I am so so happy you guys. Happy and juiced on coffee au lait. Today is the first day in I don’t even know how many when everything is supposed to just be normal. (Knocks wood. Furiously. DRUM SOLO.)