Stray Sparks: The Bad

crocodile smileIt might seem counter intuitive, but bad times can be good times for spark catching. Take this past weekend.

No, really. Please do.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had some dental torture work done over the weekend. An experience I can’t wait to forget. Luckily, our brain is equipped for just that. Forgetting.

That’s no joke. Our brains are wired to forget traumatic experiences. Or at least dampen them. That’s the only explanation I can think of on why women insist on having more children after already going through the birthing process previously. I’m a man, and that looks painful. I can hardly imagine (actually, being a creative type, I probably come close) what it must feel like.

Back to my point.

Any experience is worth pulling from. I wrote down the most disturbing parts of my procedures, knowing full well that soon they would fade away. So when it comes time to call upon something gruesome in a future story, I’ll know exactly where to go.