Judging Others

gavelHello fellow Sparkers. I’ve got another tip on what to write down in your quest to get more ideas, and it goes against most moral training. So it’s gotta be fun, right?

Get out your gavel and start judging.

Ever find yourself making snap judgments on people? For me, I’d either keep it to myself or fight it down so as to give the person a fair shake. Now I’m taking a different stance.

It’s time I made all of those judgments work for me. Every time I get one, I’ll write it down in my little black book along with why I think I got that impression. If I have the time, I might even write down in what kind of character these thoughts would occur. So I’d scribble down the judgment, the judgee, and the judgor.

If there’s more you want to put down, do it. You never know where an idea will take you unless you’re willing to follow it.