Writing about Writing When You’re Not Writing…

is shameful.

That’s how I see it, and why I haven’t been seen around these parts in a little while.

Life is like juggling chainsaws. It’s serious business. And the more chainsaws life throws at you, the quicker you have to learn how to balance them all without losing an arm or some other loved appendage. So the smart thing to do is set a few down, stabilize the flipping saws of death, and then slowly add the downed ones back into the flying rotation.

That’s what I did. Life got hectic. Nothing I couldn’t handle, but it did require I put some things aside to be able to focus better. Now I probably could have eked some time together to scrape up a blog post here or there. As my title suggests, I chose not to. Now I’m thinking that was a bad idea.

I want to give it to you straight. Not all writers lead glamorous lives. Not all writers are published when they think they should be published. And not all writers have ideal writing situations.

It’s our personal struggles that give us character. It’s how we connect with the rest of the world. And how can you make a connection if you don’t put yourself out there?

So good or bad, I’ll be around.

Oh, one more thing about juggling chainsaws. Once you get really good at it (how can you not after doing it for so long), who or what would be willing to get in the way of a swarm of deadly blades all under your control? I can’t imagine much or many.