What a Writer Needs

A writer only needs three simple things: time, self-motivation, and the means. Loose one, and the whole thing crumbles.


Be it fifteen minutes or eight hours. A writer has to have the time to put his ideas down.


If a writer can’t convince him or herself to write, it won’t matter if he or she has all the time in the world. A writer that doesn’t write is just a person wasting time.


This is important too. If a writer has the above two things, the last thing needed is a way to write their stuff down. A pen and paper work great. Journals can do wonders. If the money is there, computers are the way to go. A good trusty laptop. Heck, even a smartphone can work in a pinch.

For the ones who have all three, good on you. I can’t wait to eventually be able to read your works.