Beer Drafts and Coffee Revisions

Illustration by Tina Mailhot-Roberge and as appears on

I read this wonderful article over at this morning. If you have some time, you should read Why You Should Drink Beer for Big Ideas, Coffee to Get Them Done. If not, I’ll give  a brief summary.

The article basically lays out how coffee and beer effect the creative brain and when is the better time to drink either or. Taking that knowledge to what I do, writing, I wonder if I might be doing some of it at the wrong place.

I do all of my away-from-home writing at a coffee shop or bakery, load up on caffeine, and write until the staff kicks me out. This article suggests that I might want to find a quiet pub to do some of that writing. Maybe even a wine bar.

But when?

Well, after reading the article, I think that all my first drafts should be done with a bottle or two of beer. The alcohol should help increase my creative thinking. A good story is one that makes unexpected connections, and in turn, forces you to look at the world different. Turns out beer is good to help that along.

And we all know that books don’t happen on their first draft. So it stands to reason that while working on cleaning up that first draft, a coffee shop would be the better choice to do your time. Did you know that smelling fresh coffee can have similar effects as drinking it? You can believe it, after all you read it on the internet.

So with that in mind, I need to make some new evening writing plans. Who’s up for a pint?