500 Club (7.4.13)

Hello Thursday! And Happy 4th of July!

Today puts me in mind of underdogs, the little guy that overcomes extreme adversity, and well, fireworks. So why not keep that in mind while you tackle this week’s prompts.

A few guidelines (promise they’re not restricting):

  1. Write 500 words based on one of the two prompts below.
  2. Post it to your blog.
  3. Give us a small taste in the comments below along with a link to the full text.

On to the prompts.

1. Big Little Deal: In 500 words  write a story involving a simple situation blown to huge proportions. Take a mole hill and turn it into a mountain.

2. Celebrate the Flashback: It’s time to celebrate, to remember. Everyone is there. Now in 500 words tell us all why.

As always, throw out the obvious. Embrace your creativity and try something new. And above all, have fun with it.